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JS-Z Series Product Manual

Brief introduction 

JS-Z200 interconnect box provides an orderly, simple and compact tabletop connection solution. It can convert the AC 100-240V 50-60HZ to 5V 2.1A to charge your mobile devices.

 JS-Z400 series Interconnect Box provides order, compact and simple connecting solution for users. Removable lid can open at fourdirections, plug the connectors in devices and close lid, cables will come out from 4 cable entry holes. This unit can mount both onwall or table.


Common features

 Installation cutout diameter: 80mm

★ Installed and use immediately

★ 10°angle design fits ergonomics

★ Installation of surface thickness up to 40mm

★ Color option: black/white

   CCC Certifcate Number: 2013010201596383

    CE Certifcate Number: N° VTUPV-269/2011ZAHR
    ROHS Certifcate Number: W02171017304C

Main parameters
MODEL     JS-Z200                                                                               
Temp. range     0 ~ 50
Weight     0.16kg
Dimensions     Panel: diameter 90mm
    Cutout: diameter 80mm



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