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JS-5+ Series Product Manual(2)

Brief introduction 

JS-5 Series Interconnect box integrates the box body and various interfaces to provide an orderly, simple and compact conference connection solution. It uses pneumatic movement and mechanical latching mechanism to conceal the interfaces, such as for the powersupply, network, phone, video, audio, PC video, switchboard, USB and so on, for the users to power the device and connect the signals. Open, press the top panel slightly, the panel of the Interconnect box will automatically prop up at 45and various interfacesare shown up before the users. Close, press the top panel slightly, the Interconnect box will automatically retract to level with thetable surface after retracted.

Common features

When open, the panel of the interconnect box will be automatically propped up at 45;
Durable pneumatic movement and mechanical latching mechanism;
RJ-45 interface should be used in network, data, phone connector (CAT.5/CAT.6);
It is designed with a double panel and penetrated structure, achieving transient communication;
Top surface available in brushed black or silver finishes, custom finishes is accepted;
 Various combination of interface, fit for big and medium size conference room, executive desks.
    CCC Certificate Number: 2013010201596383
    CE Certificate Number: N9 VTUPV-269/2011ZAHR
    ROHS Certificate Number: W021 71017304C
Main parameters


Table Thickness

    Maximal  60mm, 125mm(to be  connected to extended  part)    

Temp. range

    ~ 50℃ (Non-condensing)


    About  2.8kg

     Dimensions     Panel:193mm*150mm R=16mm

    Cutout  Dimension:183mm*140mm R=12mm

    Package  :250mm*200mm*200mm




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