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JS-Z802 series interconnect box provides order, simply and connecting solution. JS-Z802 series interconnect box with special designed smooth type. Open, slide the panel to the right, available interfaces and cables (support Phone or Network) will show, easy to solve the supply connection of mobile device.
JS-Z803 series with wireless charge, can use with the hidden interfaces at the same time.

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MODEL     JS-Z802/803                                                                           
Temp. range     0 ~ 50
Weight     About 0.3kg.
Dimensions     Panel: diameter 90mm
    Cutout: diameter 80mm



Universal power 100~240V 50/60HZ 10A.
USB*1 DC5V 2100mA.
Support Phone or Network cable.
Support wireless charge DC5V 1000mA (Both open and close can use).
Interfaces with hidden function.
Standard triangle power socket (Built-in fuse.)
Reserve cable entry.
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material.