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JS-DC401HD is a Floor Box which supports HD conversion. It uses high performance and professional conversion chip to transform VGA+AUDIO and HDMI signals into HDMI signal output. It supports VGA resolutions from 640*480 to 1920*1080p or 1920*1200. User can switch signals through push-button on the panel.
JS-DC401HD Floor Box provides an order, compact and permanent connecting solution for users. Cable pass through holes accept cables come out when panel closed. Panel of Stainless steel, anti slip, abrasion resistance, high bearing capacity.

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Panel :
A,B type: 240mm*210mm*6mm
C,D type: 220mm*190mm*19mm
Bottom box : 220mm*190mm*100mm
Cutout dimension :
A,B type: 223mm*193mm*100mm(±1mm)
C,D type: 223mm*193mm*119mm(±1mm)
(Suggest to open hole as real product)

Signal input 




VGA input formats


VESA1.1 specification ,support 1920*1200 to 1920*1080p HDMI


Output format


HDMI1.4,support embedded audio , 1920*1200 resolution



Audio input



Stereo audio


Input signal noise reduction



Support deinterlacing, 2D and 3D DNR etc

Digital signal input impedance


difference 100Ω

Digital signal input arc



 Analog signal input impedance




Analog signal input arc






Signal delay



image delay (1 frame)


Signal output


1 route HDMI (Type-A HDMI latch female connector)




HDMI output

HDMI1.4, support audio embedding (when input source is HDMI, output HDMI Audio embedding; when input source is analog signal, audio input will be automatically selected as external audio)
Audio output


3P Phoenix Type: Unbalance Stereo Analog



  • Supports VGA+AUDIO, HDMI signal inputs, HDMI signal output, includes the push-button with select and switch function;
  • Adopts digital synchronous identi cation process technology, image output will be more stable;
  • Complete SMD craft, special ESD protection technology;
  • Supports signal timing reformed, shows 1920X1080P HD image perfectly;
  • Supports Blu-ray embedded audio;
  • Supports Key function.
  • Bevel surface with Modular design, panel can be closed after cable connected;
  • Supports multiple panel options, integrate into the work environment more e ectively;
  • Supports di erent ports combination: accommodate 1 *HDBaseT panel+2 *AC power +2 *XLR type modulars,or 1 *HDBaseT panel+6*XLR type modulars;
  • Panel adopts laser cutting, high bearing capacity