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JS-570RX can be used as a receiver for the HDBaseT output from JS Long distance transmit interconnect box, it provides economical means of extending 1080p/ 60Hz video signals up to 70 meters.

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Receiver input port:       1 X Cat5 RJ45 8pin
Receiver output port:     1 X HDMI socket
Resolution                      720P50/60、1080i 50/60HZ、1080p 50/60HZ
HDTV                              640x480=VGA72、VGA75、VGA85
PC                                   800x600=SVGA56、SVGA60、SVGA72、SVGA75、SVGA85
                                       1920x1200=shorten edge blanking WUXGA
  • HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.1 compliant;
  • Supports equalization, gain adjustment and clock recovery; 
  • Supports maximum 1080P/UXGA HD input, and output has the same resolution as the input;
  • Easy installation and operation;
  • No signal loss after transmitting for 70 meters if routed back; 
  • Automatically get EDID (extended display identification data) of the display device; 
  • Transmitter connection indicator light;
  • HDCP protocol safe indicator light;
  • Device running indicator light;
  • With RS232 control capability;
  • With IR Control.